Merry Christmas!

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

I will be enjoying the day with my family as we open our presents. I am excited to get my new lens for my Canon camera. It’s a Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8. I am also excited as we started a new family tradition of getting everyone a normal gift and a gag gift to add more fun to the holidays. We’ll have to see how creative everyone got with those.

Spring Cleaning in December

Yesterday I decided that I was tired of my closet being so full of stuff and clothes that I never wear or use. I started sorting through the clothes and then didn’t like how my desk was half in my closet taking up space. So I decided to redo my desk as well. Which led me to a thought I had had a long time ago that I had no use for a Queen size bed and that it was taking up half my room for the place where I spend little of my time. After I had torn my room completely apart and moved most of it into the hall I started rearranging everything then moving the major items back, like my computer. As I started putting things back I just started to do what I had read on various blogs for quite a while. I started to evaluate how necessary the item was and the last time I used it. If I hadn’t used it in a while I simply placed it into a pile to give away or threw it away. Looking at that pile now I would say that 30-40% of the stuff I had in my room before the cleaning is either in the trash or being given away.

I got rid of so much stuff it looks like I just moved into the room. The going joke at home with stuff all over the place is if I am moving out. In some ways its good it looks like that as I can now have more room for more important things and most of all space to use more effectively.


I finished my last final today. I spent almost all night and another few hours today working on my complaint management system for my Visual Basic class. My finals this year were overall pretty mild. My online class was a basics of computers class that covered some really basic things about the computer. I didn’t think I would learn anything but we covered Office 2007 and I learned some more in and outs of the system that they had updated from Office 2003. Excel is pretty incredible when you start learning how to use it in your daily work flow.

My history class was a good class as the teacher cared more about the lessons to be learned from history and the major points of certain topics and not the small details that many history teachers focus on. The discussions about the material with the class provided some interesting perspectives from other students in the class.

Overall a good semester. Just one more to go and then I transfer to Cal State Fullerton. It will be good to get out of Saddleback and not be someone who never makes it out.


It’s finally raining pretty good here in Southern California. I love the smell of the air during and after the rain. I just hope everyone remembers to drive slower and safer when it rains. Seems like every time it rains here the freeways are clogged with numerous accidents from people driving too fast for the weather conditions.

I finally got to use my Gore-Tex jacket this year. The last 2 times it rained where I would want it I was away from home and didn’t have it with me. This time I did and I danced in the rain a little.

Prank from The Office

At work quite a few people regularly watch The Office and one of them happens to be my co-worker and fellow officemate Jack. This past Thursday the episode started with Dwight walking into the office only to find that his office desk, chair and items on his desk have been gift wrapped by Jim.

Knowing how much Jack likes the show I decided that I would come in a little early and do about the same thing to his desk for fun.

Here are pictures of his desk.

Jack's gift wrapped desk-3 Jack's gift wrapped desk-2 Jack's gift wrapped desk-1

The IT Crowd

Sometimes I envy people that live in Great Britian. They get such great TV programming that the US can only dream about. Shows like The Office, which inspired the US version, Top Gear, and The IT Crowd to name a few.

The IT Crowd stands out to me though as I can relate to the main characters in quite a few ways. The main characters Moss and Roy work in the IT deparment, and I work in IT as well. They work in a rather dark and dingy basement which is in a constant state of untidyness. I also have my office in a basement. While mine is also sometimes dark and untidy most of it is from the church youth nearly tearing the place apart.