Utah Trip

After a rather interesting day traveling with The Refuge to Brian Head, Utah we finally made it.

We made a surprise stop in Calico Ghost Town in order to waste an extra hour that we had because of a later check in time then we had expected. Calico was an interesting place but it was definitely a ghost town. The sheriff of the town was an interesting fellow and was very good in playing his authentic period character. He was very proud of his authentic Daniel Boone knife. The tour of the mine was interesting to see what the working conditions were like. There were no lumber supports and the ceilings were tall enough that I at 6 foot tall did not have to duck. They had samples of the various ores that were found in the mine and showed that they glowed different colors when exposed to black light.


The temperature when we got here was probably in the mid teens and there were a few feet of snow on the ground. We are staying in 2 rented cabins that are rented private winter homes it appears. One is very modern with full Viking kitchen appliances, granite counter tops, and beautiful hardwood floors. I will post some pictures when I get a chance so you can see how amazing this place is. The girls on the trip are staying in the nicer cabin and we are using it as the place where we are having meals and our meetings. The basement is a full game room with shuffleboard, an arcade machine, and a dart board.


The cabin the guys are staying in is a little more homey feeling with more modest appliances and more basic styling. It is overall very nice and there are plenty of sleeping spaces including a loft with access only by ladder that is very interesting. The basement also is a game room in this house although slightly smaller than the other one as it also includes a small bedroom.

The major event of the day was when Pastor Jon got one of the vans stuck in the driveway of the girls’ cabin. We didn’t have chains for the vans and it was stuck half in a snow bank and slipping on ice. With the aid of a shovel and some boards we found, the men of the group managed to push the van free back to the bottom of the driveway to let it get it running start at the ice covered slope. Pastor Jon gunned it and just barely made it over the top of the hill. All the guys cheered for we had taken the hill.