Winter Wonderland of Snow Extravaganza 2

Today I went snow tubing with Roya and Chris and we had a blast. I let them go first so I could stay and take pictures of them going down the tubing run. Roya was scared of it at first but eventually got more comfortable with it. Chris is used to snow and tubing and to him it was awesome fun. They did about three runs down the hill which took about an hour to do as there was quite the line to get towed back up to the top. When they were done I handed the camera to Roya and I went with Chris. The way they got you to the top of the run was to have you sit in your inner tube and then hook a tow ring from your tube to a cable with hooks on it. It was pretty awesome to slow go up the hill and be able to see more and more of the ski runs and surrounding area as you got higher. Once at the top I got to talk to the staff guy that was controlling when people went when I was waiting my turn. Turns out he had been to California a few times and knew the area that we were from. He was actually going to be moving back to California to be a hot shot firefighter. We’ll have to see what tomorrow has in store.