This morning we awoke to a literal winter wonderland of snow. It had started to snow the night before as we were heading back to the guys cabin. It was pretty awesome to be able to see it snow as hard as it did. Everything outside was covered in 3-5 inches of nice fresh fluffy powder. WWSE 2 After a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, French toast casserole (which was very good), and fresh fruit we had our Bible study. The theme of the study for the trip was to get to know your Bible. After the study the people that were going to go snowboarding piled into the van and left for the mountain. I went with them so I could take pictures of them getting air off the jumps on the mountain. It was interesting to start walking up the mountain with only my backpack as everyone around me had skis or a snowboard. I never realized how fast some of those people can go down the mountain. I had a good time trying out snow sports photography as I had never done it before. After standing on the mountain for a few hours we headed down to get something to eat and warm up. We also went down because Daniel had taken one too many hard falls and was also hit pretty hard by another snowboarder coming off one of the jumps. Daniel was lying in a spot that probably wasn’t visible to the guy doing the jump but the other guy hit Daniel with his body and not his board so he saved Daniel from serious injury. Tomorrow we head down the mountain and go home. While I love to take trips and go places it is always nice to go home.