I just finished my Business Law final and it wasn’t that bad. So of it was sort of new or unfamiliar but nothing I couldn’t take an educated guess at an answer. Accounting this morning was just turn in the take home final and get our presentations grades. My group got an A! Only 1 more final left today. I don’t know how the history of Photography final is going to be.

Accounting Presentation

My group project in my accounting class was today and it went really well. My group wasn’t perfect but was able to put on a well planned presentation on Proctor and Gamble. I am getting much better at making presentations which should hopefully help me in my future career.

I saw a number of faults in other presentations that my group was able to avoid mainly putting too much text on their PowerPoint slides as well as reading directly from their paper and not looking at the audience. Hopefully we get a good grade on the project as I was up until 3:30AM finishing it.