Apple Event

This is the first time I have ever made a conscious effort to sit down and watch the live blogs of an Apple event. I am not even in the market for the Apple tablet whatever. I am more interested to see what they say about the next iPhone or a new OS update for it. Scary but true: Update: Sadly I see nothing new here. I wanted a rewritten iTunes. It's getting slow and with it doing more and more will only be slower. Also, with them staying with AT&T, there is less of a chance of a Verizon iPhone in June which is a bummer. I would really like a Verizon iPhone when I upgrade this summer. I for one will not be buying an iPad. The only ray of sunshine that I can see is that they somehow managed to get AT&T to agree to no contract prepaid data. I hope they spread this structure to the USB data connect cards. I want something that I can have to tether on the cheap for a day or two when traveling without a contract.