I finished my last final today. I spent almost all night and another few hours today working on my complaint management system for my Visual Basic class. My finals this year were overall pretty mild. My online class was a basics of computers class that covered some really basic things about the computer. I didn't think I would learn anything but we covered Office 2007 and I learned some more in and outs of the system that they had updated from Office 2003. Excel is pretty incredible when you start learning how to use it in your daily work flow. My history class was a good class as the teacher cared more about the lessons to be learned from history and the major points of certain topics and not the small details that many history teachers focus on. The discussions about the material with the class provided some interesting perspectives from other students in the class. Overall a good semester. Just one more to go and then I transfer to Cal State Fullerton. It will be good to get out of Saddleback and not be someone who never makes it out.