Electric Car Takeover

So far all the major manufacturers have been focusing on sedans and pickup trucks. I can understand why they are doing that as those are some of their highest selling models and this transition is just now really gaining steam. What I really need is for someone to make a good 200 mile range fully electric minivan by the time I need to replace the family 2016 Kia Sedona in 2027 or so. It's used for lots of around town trips, errands, etc. so it would be a perfect use case for an electric car. All of our long distance road trips usually mean we are towing our Discover trailer with us which is what our Ford Expedition is made to do. I don't envision being able to replace the Expedition with an EV anytime soon as it's quite energy intensive to tow and we aim to drive 325-375 miles in a day if we are trying to get somewhere far. My wishlist for an electric minivan:
  • 200+ miles of range
  • Power doors - sides and rear door
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Heated front seats and side mirrors
  • DC fast charging - so if we did want to drive to the other side of WA state a 30 minute lunch stop would let us finish the drive