Motorized Trailer WeBoost Cell Booster

One of the more techie projects for the trailer I've done is to install a WeBoost cellular booster as most places we camp don't have the greatest cell reception. The typical way to solve the problem is with a cell booster on the roof. In my case, I wasn't content to just install the outside antenna to the roof rack of the trailer in a fixed position because our trailer is already tall so it would have to be a fairly short antenna length and the higher you can get the outdoor antenna the better your reach since it can see further out. After quite a bit of searching I landed on the Diamond Antenna K9000LRMO, which is a motorized antenna mount used in the CB radio world. To the best of my internet searching I'm the first one to combine this antenna mount and the weBoost Drive OTR outdoor antenna together. At first I was concerned that the K9000 wouldn't have enough torque to lift the antenna as on the Drive OTR most of the weight is actually near the top making it have significant leverage on the K9000. It's also a few inches taller and few ounces heavier than the K9000 spec sheet says it's rated for. After getting all the parts in and assembling it together it worked! On the roof rack of our trailer, it looks like this. Since the roof rack is a good 4 inches or so above the roof of the trailer, I cut a PVC sewer pipe section in half length wise to make a sort of cradle for the antenna during transit. My thinking was that would provide more security for the long antenna mast during travel and also prevent the antenna from damaging the trailer roof or itself. Overall it worked really well I think. Antenna tray for protection during transit The great thing about having the motorized mount is that once we get to camp, I can put the antenna up to the full height in about 5 seconds all from inside the trailer. The K9000 comes with a wired remote but it's ugly and the buttons felt cheap. I know I could do better and also integrate turning on the cell booster at the same time. I also worked it so that the power to the K9000 is fully disconnected when the booster is off providing a margin of safety during travel to not have the antenna raise accidentally. I have a basic wiring schematic drawn out somewhere I'll try to get cleaned up to post here.