OpenRC F1

I finished printing my first OpenRC F1 car, designed by Daniel Noree, and it was a great learning experience in building a large project with 3D printing. I went with the 2017 version of the car and I’m planning to print the 2018 version as well that includes the new “halo” that current F1 cars have. I also chose to purchase the Tamiya F104 tires rather than try to print my own from TPU. Printing flexible material seems rather tricky and I wanted to complete this first build without TPU printing challenges as well since I don’t see myself printing a lot of that material in the near term. These were some of the largest pieces I’ve printed to date. Most of them I was able to print without supports owing to the great work Daniel did in designing them for printing. I was amazed by the quality of the parts when they were done. Everything fit together perfectly. I used Prusaslicer to slice them for printing on my Prusa i3 MK3S. I used Hatchbox Cool Grey, Printed Solid Jessie Bold Blue, and Prusament Jet Black PLA filaments. There are some things I will improve for the next build but overall I am super happy with the way this came out.