For Christmas I received a Eufy 11s robotic vacuum. I was very excited and surprised as I have been researching them for a while thinking we should get one for our house to help with keeping it clean.

The first day consisted of learning all the various obstacles and objects that are normally in our downstairs space that confused or tangled the robot. Loose rugs, stray socks, and Duplo blocks were among the first obstacles we discovered we would need to tidy up before allowing the robot to do it’s work. The more curious one was our living room chair. For some reason the robot was obsessed with trying to clean underneath it but since the chair can spin and rock the robot would get stuck going over the round tubular base and then when the chair would move or rock due to the robot hitting it the robot would panic and throw up it’s hands, waiting for a human to rescue it. It’s become something of a bet between my wife and I about whether we will awaken in the morning to a robot that made it back home to its charger or not.

Also, the fresh lines in the carpet have been more satisfying than either of us had expected. Seriously, they are great.

Gnarbox 2.0

I recently picked up a Gnarbox 2.0 SSD 512GB for use with my DJI Mavic Pro Platinum and DJI Osmo Action. One of the big motivators for getting one is that I use my 2018 iPad Pro as my primary editing platform along with the Lumafusion app. The Gnarbox has a special integration with Lumafusion that allows you to select portions of a video clip and only that portion of the clip is transferred to the iPad, potentially saving a lot of iPad storage space. The 2.0 version of the Gnarbox is also USB-C based and has a special mode that makes it appear to be a USB-C Ethernet adapter allowing for much faster video playback and transfer compared to connecting over Wifi.

I’m still experimenting with workflows to see what fits my style best. So far the MicroSD card to Gnarbox import is going well. I have preset setup for both the drone and Osmo Action as I find it easier to find footage based on what device captured it.

One of the things that isn’t currently documented very well is what USB-C hubs have supported Ethernet adapters and can pass through power. I bought a few on Amazon to test.

Working (ethernet and Power):

Aukey Link PD Pro USB-C Hub

Anker USB-C Ethernet Adapter

Uni USB-C Ethernet Adapter

Partially working:

Not Working:

Feature Wishlist:

Full Gnarbox backup to 2nd storage device: a way to setup a preset to backup the Gnarbox 2.0 to a USB hard drive while preserving the on device file structure. I like flattening the folders when importing files from SD cards to the Gnarbox but when backing up the Gnarbox to a USB hard drive I want to keep the file structure as it has project folders and such.

Full Gnarbox backup to home NAS: The same backup system would be nice to setup for home mode so when I get back from a trip I can switch it to home mode, connect to my home wifi, connect to my NAS, and backup the Gnarbox file structure to a folder on my NAS all from the Gnarbox directly.

Allow creation of video preview files from a preset: allow for creating video preview files after the copy and verify to prepare for editing in Lumafusion. Even a separate preset to prepare the video previews I could do later when done filming for the day would be helpful.

Startup in other modes: The Gnarbox has a number of modes (field, home, USB-C Ethernet, Mass Storage) that allow for various specialized function. Currently, it will always boot up into field mode and then require you to reboot it into another mode, which is inconvenient at best. Having a way to boot up directly into the mode you want to use without have to do 2 boot ups would be a real time saver.

Acronyms in Online Communities

It’s interesting to me to become familiar with a new online community, whether that is flashlights, intermittent fasting, or networking to name a few. As you start to read through these communities you learn that they all have developed their own acronyms, lingo, to make common information easier and faster to parse.

As an example, in the Intermittent Fasting world you might see something like this:

SW: 277 CW: 275 GW: 230

At first glance these look like a random series of letters and numbers but eventually, mainly through reading comment threads, but sometimes through the sidebar or pinned forum post, you can learn how to decode this information and suddenly you are able to understand a lot more information and context about a post than you could before.

Now you see:

SW (starting weight): 277, CW (current weight): 275, GW (goal weight):230

And know that this person is early in their journey but are already starting to see progress in the direction they want to achieve.

I think it’s fascinating that every community of people, regardless of topic, adapts/modifies/creates their own shorthand to more efficiently communicate critical information. Beyond just the new subject matter itself, I find this aspect to be nearly as enjoyable to learn and add to my view of the world.

Dusting Off the Cobwebs

I’m getting things ready for a 2 week family RV trip in March-April 2020 and wanted to document some of my experiences on a blog. Turns out my WordPress blog from back in college, when blogs were all the rage, is still floating around. After reading through all the old posts, removing some of the ones I’m no longer proud of or agree with, and cleaning up the tagging I think it’s ready enough.

In the coming weeks I hope to be adding some details about the upcoming trip, gear I plan to use, and thoughts about which parts I’m most looking forward to.

Jury Duty

I was summoned for my first jury duty today. I checked the webpage as instructed by that dreaded summons mailing and my group was instructed to report to the courthouse.

First I checked in and sat down to read my book that I had brought with me. After about 20 minutes the lady in charge of the jurors came in and showed us an orientation video that explained what we would be asked to do as jurors. Then she asked if being a juror at this time would place an undue hardship on us and if it did then we had to fill out a form explaining it to the judge to see if we would be dismissed. I had no reason to fill out the form so I sat and watched about 15 get one. I remarked to the man sitting next to me that I sadly didn’t have any good excuse to be dismissed.

After a short break my group was escorted to the courtroom. The judge came in and briefing explained what we would be doing. She briefing described the case as being 1 charge of driving under the influence, which in this case as marijuana. After that 12 names were randomly called to be the first ones to sit in the juror box. 6 alternates were also called. They were asked a series of questions starting with their name and occupation, if they knew anyone in the legal or law enforcement field, and what their feelings about marijuana were. After all of the jurors and alternates had answered the judge and the 2 lawyers left the court to privately discuss the matter. About 5 minutes later the judge and lawyers returned and each thanked several jurors and asked them to be dismissed. After a juror was dismissed one of the alternates would move up to fill their space. This continued until there were no more alternates to fill the seats so another 6 alternates were called up. For the 6th alternate spot my name was called so up I went. After answering all of the questions the judge and lawyers again went back to privately discuss the jurors. They came back and dismissed 5 more jurors making me the 1st alternate. The judge told us that they needed to have 2 alternate jurors for the case so 5 more people were called to join me in the alternate chairs. After answering the same questions the judge and lawyers for the last time left the room to discuss who to select. After coming back they chose the 2nd and 3rd alternate jurors and everyone else was dismissed.

Overall the process was not that bad. I am glad that I did not have to serve on the jury though. I don’t think I could have been fair and impartial with someone who was accused of driving under the influence of marijuana. Driving is a large responsibility and is mentally challenging at the best of times. Potentially killing someone because of being mentally impaired because of marijuana is unacceptable.

Small Town Feeling

As I have been studying in my local Starbucks lately I have run into quite a few friends and acquaintance that I have not seen for quite some time. It’s always a great feeling when you are just sitting there enjoying some coffee and reading a good book and see a friend walk in door. That small town sort of feeling when you can just run into friends during the normal course of a day and stop and catchup is probably the reason that so many people like the feel of small towns. It makes you feel like part of society when you can go places and have people you know and who know you be there.

An Outdated Educational System

After having attended college for nearly 5 years at this point and being almost finished with a 4 year degree I would like to provide some insight into some of the problems within higher education today.

In most of my classes when you walk in the door it’s as if we are suppose to forget about the past 100 years of innovation and technology. For starters you aren’t allowed to use industry standard tools in order to learn concepts or to solve the problems that are assigned in class. On tests rather than allowing you to bring whatever tools you may need in order to solve the problem you must instead memorize all possible tools because if you don’t have them memorized they don’t exist. Where did the idea that memorization equals understanding? Isn’t it more important to be able to apply concepts to real world problems rather than having memorized answers for only a handful of possible situations?

The idea that you must know how to build a tool in order to use it is a terrible concept that breaks down nearly immediately in the real world. Americans drive millions of cars and I would wager that the vast majority barely understand the concepts of the modern internal combustion engine, let alone know how to build one from raw materials. Another example is the cellphone that everyone carries around everyday. The professor that is teaching that you have to know how to build a tool in order to use it can’t even begin to explain the concept of how a cell phone works let alone build one. We need to get past this idea of having to build all our tools. A mechanic would never be able to do his primary job of repairing cars if he was forced to build all of the tools that he uses on a daily basis. What is important to his job is the ability to use a wide variety of tools in different situations in order to solve problems. He is more concerned with the application of tools instead of the creation of them. The era when a man was able to build all the tools that he uses died with the rise of mass production of goods.

Apple Event

This is the first time I have ever made a conscious effort to sit down and watch the live blogs of an Apple event. I am not even in the market for the Apple tablet whatever. I am more interested to see what they say about the next iPhone or a new OS update for it.

Scary but true:


Sadly I see nothing new here. I wanted a rewritten iTunes. It’s getting slow and with it doing more and more will only be slower.
Also, with them staying with AT&T, there is less of a chance of a Verizon iPhone in June which is a bummer. I would really like a Verizon iPhone when I upgrade this summer.
I for one will not be buying an iPad.

The only ray of sunshine that I can see is that they somehow managed to get AT&T to agree to no contract prepaid data. I hope they spread this structure to the USB data connect cards. I want something that I can have to tether on the cheap for a day or two when traveling without a contract.