For Christmas I received a Eufy 11s robotic vacuum. I was very excited and surprised as I have been researching them for a while thinking we should get one for our house to help with keeping it clean. The first day consisted of learning all the various obstacles and objects that are normally in our downstairs space that confused or tangled the robot. Loose rugs, stray socks, and Duplo blocks were among the first obstacles we discovered we would need to tidy up before allowing the robot to do it's work. The more curious one was our living room chair. For some reason the robot was obsessed with trying to clean underneath it but since the chair can spin and rock the robot would get stuck going over the round tubular base and then when the chair would move or rock due to the robot hitting it the robot would panic and throw up it's hands, waiting for a human to rescue it. It's become something of a bet between my wife and I about whether we will awaken in the morning to a robot that made it back home to its charger or not. Also, the fresh lines in the carpet have been more satisfying than either of us had expected. Seriously, they are great.