School Started

School started last week and my classes seem to be pretty good. I am taking Accounting 1A, Business Law, Microeconomics, History of photography, and Business Communication. Accounting seems to be a class with a lot of work but something that I will use in the future. I have had the professor of my business law class before and found her to be very intelligent and someone with a great wealth of information to share if you are willing to learn. My microeconomics teacher has a very interesting system of grading. Basically her grades are like ordering something off a menu. To get an A in the class you only need 90 points out of a possible 170. As soon as you get the 90 points your done. For some people this means you don't have to take the final exam at all. You do an assignment and get points for it. We'll have to see how that works out. The business communications class is taught by a professor that seems to demand a lot out of his students but in return teaches them skills that are very valuable. People grow the most when they are pressured and pushed to what they think their limits are. I hope to learn a lot in that class. I am also taking a weight training class twice a week to compliment my running that I do at home. I want to be in better shape for houseboats this year.