Spring Cleaning in December

Yesterday I decided that I was tired of my closet being so full of stuff and clothes that I never wear or use. I started sorting through the clothes and then didn't like how my desk was half in my closet taking up space. So I decided to redo my desk as well. Which led me to a thought I had had a long time ago that I had no use for a Queen size bed and that it was taking up half my room for the place where I spend little of my time. After I had torn my room completely apart and moved most of it into the hall I started rearranging everything then moving the major items back, like my computer. As I started putting things back I just started to do what I had read on various blogs for quite a while. I started to evaluate how necessary the item was and the last time I used it. If I hadn't used it in a while I simply placed it into a pile to give away or threw it away. Looking at that pile now I would say that 30-40% of the stuff I had in my room before the cleaning is either in the trash or being given away. I got rid of so much stuff it looks like I just moved into the room. The going joke at home with stuff all over the place is if I am moving out. In some ways its good it looks like that as I can now have more room for more important things and most of all space to use more effectively.