New headphones

I finally got a chance today to go to Starbucks and try out my new noise canceling Etymotics earphones. They worked very well to block out the music at Starbucks that I can only describe as being in the aggressive elevator genre. Bach sounded great and at the same time allowed me to enjoy a cup of coffee, a good book, and a comfortable chair in relative quiet. Overall one of my favorite Christmas presents.


It’s finally raining pretty good here in Southern California. I love the smell of the air during and after the rain. I just hope everyone remembers to drive slower and safer when it rains. Seems like every time it rains here the freeways are clogged with numerous accidents from people driving too fast for the weather conditions.

I finally got to use my Gore-Tex jacket this year. The last 2 times it rained where I would want it I was away from home and didn’t have it with me. This time I did and I danced in the rain a little.